Epik1 and SystemIV

About Epik1 and SystemIV


Crucial Rhythms was established in 2010 by Brian Chankin and Jeffrey Eckels. Brian "Rad Brian" Chankin and Jeff "Effects" Eckels started the show in 2009, spinning different blends of Reggae vinyl, African music, World Beat and Dub 45s for a year and a half. In 2009, SystemIV started spinning Dubstep along with Rad Brian. In 2013, Rad Brian departed from Crucial Rhythms, and SystemIV hosted the show playing eclectic hip hop singles and interviewing Indy artists until 2016. In mid 2016, Epik1 came on to cohost with SystemIV. Since then the duo has transitioned the show into a Hip Hop Mix Interview show.


Epik1 and SystemIV's Shows

10 : 00p.m.

Crucial Rhythms is hosted by Dj System IV and Dj Epik1 every Sunday 10 to midnight. Listen to the finest in Golden Era singles and Instrumentals. Tune in for Live Dj Sets, Guest interviews, and information about up coming HipHop shows and Artists.