This Week's New Rotation At Wluw

This Week's New Rotation at WLUW

It's that time again! Rotation time! every week WLUW’s SUPERB music staff pick the best new music releases to add to our rotation. Check out what we’ll be spinning this week and into the future!

  1. Club Night - What Life - Tiny Engines

  2. Damien Jurado - In The Shape Of A Storm - Mama Bird Recording Co

  3. The Drums - Brutalism - Anti-

  4. Half Stack - Quitting Time - Processional Cross

  5. Patio - Essentials - Fire Talk

  6. Pixel Grip - Heavy Handed - Feeltrip

  7. Priests - The Seduction of Kansas - Sister Polygon

  8. PUP - Morbid Stuff - Rise Records

  9. Shana Cleveland - Night of the Worm Moon - Hardly Art

Club Night - What Life - Tiny Engines

Oakland-based Club Night blend elements of jazz, math rock and Midwest emo on their debut full-length What Life? The album is bolstered by the unique vocals of Josh Bertram and tracks which constantly shift form breezy melodies to techy guitar lines.

Listen if you like: Cymbals Eat Guitars, American Football, Sioux Falls



Damien Jurado - In The Shape of a Storm - Mama Bird Recording Co.

Active in the indie-folk scene since the late 90’s, Damien Jurado returns with his 14th album, In the Shape of a Storm. Continuing in a tradition of masterful American songwriting, one can almost hear the ghost of Nick Drake in Jurado’s inflection. It’s a stripped back affair on which Jurado has nothing to hide.

Listen if you like: Nick Drake, Jeff Tweedy, Bill Callahan



The Drums - Brutalism - Anti-

Leaning further into the more synthetic sound initiated on 2017’s Abysmal Thoughts, Johnny Pierce’s project The Drums presents its fifth studio album with Brutalism. If the often sunny instrumentation doesn’t give it away, the titling of the record and its nine tracks reveal the dark feelings threaded throughout the album.

Listen if you like: Bombay Bicycle Club, Alvvays, Wild Nothing



Half Stack - Quitting Time - Processional Cross

Following up on their self-titled 2017 EP, Half Stack are here with their debut full-length Quitting Time, which is best described by the title of track 6, “Lil Jazzy.” At a brief 25 minutes the album packs a punch, stylistically falling somewhere between jazzy indie rock and alt-country.

Listen if you like: Case Studies, Girls, Sun June



Patio - Essentials - Fire Talk

New York post-punk trio Patio set a contemplative and groovy tone on their debut album Essentials. Smartly written and charismatically performed, Patio carve out a niche in a scene that has been becoming increasingly saturated.

Listen if you like: Priests, Ought, Dehd



Pixel Grip - Heavy Handed - Feeltrip

Described by the Chicago Tribune as “Goth Disco,” emerging local act Pixel Grip grip our attention with their debut full-length Heavy Handed. Glittery synths and Rita Lukea’s shapeshifting voice make for a refreshing sound. Check out their video for “Plastic Enemies” featuring the talented Chicago dancer OrB BoX below!

Listen if you like: Little Dragon, ESG, MGMT



Priests - The Seduction of Kansas - Sister Polygon

Following the success of their debut, D.C. post-punk group Priests return with their sophomore effort The Seduction of Kansas. Priests have proven their willingness to get weird with past tracks like “And Breeding” and “Puff” but they diving deeper into that pool and trying out a lot of new stuff on this record.

Listen if you like: The B-52’s, Girl Band, Sneaks



Pup - Morbid Stuff - Rise Records

Toronto punk outfit PUP return for their third record with Morbid Stuff. Going for a more pop-punk sound, PUP are sounding glitzier than ever in a way that suits their gang vocals and emotional lyrics.

Listen if you like: Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, Cymbals Eat Guitars



Shana Cleveland - Night of the Worm Moon -Hardly Art

Frontwoman of psych-/surf-rock group La Luz (who just released their fantastic third album last year), Shana Cleveland shows a softer, more folky sound on her new solo record. A testament to her versatility as a songwriter and musician, the album features both floaty instrumental arrangements and fantastical lyrics.

Listen if you like: La Luz, Cate Le Bon, Dick Stusso



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