The Drums Stunt Onstage At The Metro

The Drums stunt onstage at The Metro

Admittedly, I have been a fan of The Drums ever since I stumbled across “money” as a single on an old Urban Outfitters curated playlist around my late middle school, early highschool days. I was even more delighted to discover that the band's guitarist, Jacob Graham, was touring with Sound of Ceres in 2015 while the group was on hiatus. Basically what I’m saying is that I’ve been majorly stoked they’ve returned to the scene, putting out two full-length albums in the past 3 years.


Supported by Tanukichan, who has previously opened up for the likes of Kero Kero Bonito, The Drums came out to a fresh and energized audience Wednesday, May 1. Frontman, Jonathon Pierce, donned a jumpsuit ready for the catwalk, strutting and stunting across the stage as he opened with “Days,” moving into “Best Friend” and “Heart Basel”. Without more than just a pause, Pierce’s fun and energetic persona onstage swept through the crowd.

Fan favorites such as “Body Chemistry,” “Blip of Joy,” and “626 Bedford Avenue” from the bands newest album Brutalism were met with excitement. A melting between harmonious pop melodies and surf rock tinged with some drum and bass measure make for an album best listened to live. With melancholy content as the driving force behind Brutalism, Pierce made an effort to express to the audience that the album was intended to make listeners feel heard and provoke self-growth. The Drums have always had a way of writing, with a unique and youthful candor. Pierce's sensual presentation communicates a deeper intimacy within Brutalism.


The band returned on stage having faux-closed with the fittingly named “How It Ended.” But, was decided that “Blood Under My Belt” would be a true closing statement, full of jittering and head shaking from the crowd.


Listen to The Drums latest album Brutalism, now out everywhere.

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