Ep Review | Oops - Dope Dreams

EP Review | Oops - Dope Dreams

Chicago trio Oops blends elements of grunge, garage, and punk to forge a sound uniquely their own – with something in it for everyone. Their newest release, Dope Dreams, boasts killer, energy-filled songs with a strong sense of urgency, all accentuated by catchy guitar hooks and vocals to match. In the midst of bright and burning sound, track [4] “Your Highness”, pops up shining with sweet, more downtempo (than previous tracks) energies to satisfy all your punk needs. Fronted by Nolan Galivan (Guitar/Vox), Taylor Callahan (Drums) & David Giron (Bass), this trio is a true powerhouse of sound not to be missed. Self-described as a group that “melts the faces,” Dope Dreams just may have that effect on you.


Oops is no accident. Stream their EP, Dope Dreams, released exclusively through WLUW right here: https://soundcloud.com/oops-964962807/sets/dope-dreams/s-0kLYv

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