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Yellow Days sells out Subterranean

Yellow Days, otherwise known as George Van Den Broek, has crafted music that makes us think of better days to come. The 18-year-old, English artist reminds me of a blissed out King Krule. With rich, strong vocals Yellow Days sings about love, the cycle of life, depression and overcoming. From the instant this show went on sale, I knew it was destined to sell out. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to catch Van Den Broek alongside a full band at Subterranean in Wicker Park on April 9th.

I walked into the show as Yellow Day’s was halfway through their second song. Better late than never. The place was packed. I headed upstairs to catch the next song; “Hurt in Love”, a personal favorite of mine. In between the next song, the crowd gassed the band up, showering them with praise from the balcony and the crowd. Before I knew it, someone slung a pair of womens underwear from the crowd, landing on Broek's guitar. He humbly admitted to the crowd, "Well, that's never happened before." Yellow Day’s received all the love with poise followed by an impromptu song from Napoleon Dynamite. The show continued with uplifting tracks like “Nothing’s Going to Keep Me Down”, bringing the room to a full tilt, swaying back and forth with soulful intention. Throughout the show, you could see the warmth of happiness in the crowds eyes and smiles, a true reflection of what Yellow Day’s is. Although the show ended earlier than scheduled, Van Den Broek came out to the balcony to take photos, sign shirts, and share moments with many of the fans at the sold out show. 

When I listen to Yellow Day's, I enjoy it just as I enjoy many other artists, idly in my car with some focus on the lyrics now and again. But to put an artists face to the tune makes a difference. Undoubtedly, the show has me looking forward to more yellow days like this one and more music from the young indie-rock prodigy.

Photos by Manny El Barbudo (@el_barbudo42)


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April Showers bring May Flowers!

April is a busy month for the majority of us. With finals on the horizon and summer in the near future, we have your playlist needs covered for this month. Don't forget to check out the official WLUW Spotify page whil you're at it!

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Mamby on the Beach brings Local Talent to the Lake

Whether you live in the Windy City or not, It’s a known fact that Chicago provides some of the most unique music festival experiences. From alternative rock to latin and even harsh noise, there’s a festival experience for every niche. Mamby on the Beach, presented by React, brings out the best in Chicago with waterfront stages, group yoga, and local talent. 

Headliners Spoon and Cold War Kids don’t take away from the carefully curated talent from Chicago. Towkio and Kami will bring SaveMoney to the shore on Saturday night along with up and coming rappers Cupcakke and Joseph Chilliams. The iconic Jamilla Woods will have the local spotlight to herself on Sunday. Other WLUW favorites such as Tune-Yards will also appear at the 2-Day beachfront festival.

Mamby on the Beach will return to Oakwood beach on Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24 at noon. Check out the full lineup, tickets, after party details  and more at

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REACT & WLUW Presents: Mr. Carmack at Chop Shop & Ist Ward

Mr. Carmack at Chop Shop was unlike any concert I’ve been to before. Mr. Carmack’s ability to intricately string together genres and moods resulted in a beautiful concoction of jazzy contagious beats and synthy electronic goodness. The show seamlessly transitioned from one mood to another; the audience found themselves rapping to an electronic rendition of popular rap artist Tay-K’s “The Race” and later vibing to soulful rhythms accompanied by Mr. Carmack’s live trumpet and keyboard.

Mr. Carmack wasn’t the only musician on stage, as he brought along a friend who played strings throughout the set incorporating funky bass lines and rad guitar riffs into the show. The accompanying light show further immersed the audience into Mr. Carmack’s euphoric soundscape and served as the perfect visual for the show. Check out Mr. Carmack on his Original Sound tour and keep an eye out for the next time he stops in Chicago to experience his vast artistry and multi-faceted sound.

Photo & Show Re-cap by Priyanka Podjale

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A Hot & Heavy Dance Party with Kitty & Ricky Eat Acid

As I walked into the venue, the vibes were noticeably casual. The headliners, bounced around the venue, talking to local friends and fans while watching the opening act. Ricky Eat Acid moved swiftly through the crowd in a brown fur coat. But don't be fooled by the name, the former member of Teen Suicide's name is actually Sam Ray and he didn’t pull any punches this Thursday night at the Empty Bottle. 

Beginning his set with the opening songs from his album such as “f*cking to songs on radios”, he progressed into shimmering beats, melting into some tropical house that got the room pretty humid. Harsh noise abruptly marked the sets halfway point, waking one up the way it does after having fallen asleep on the couch as a child greeted by a staticky television break at one in the morning. From there, a cohesive wall of noise melted into a systematically broken video-game hacked just to the right meter. 

After a quick break, Kitty moved through the crowd and up to the stage where her husband Sam joined her. After solving some technical difficulties, Kitty popped things off with "2 Minutes" sending the crowd into a frenzy. As she continued playing songs from her long-anticipated studio album, Miami Garden Club, the dynamic of the crowd started to feel like the gathering of old friends listening to middle school dance songs in someone's basement. Kitty attested to this, stopping at one point to comment, "I love coming to Chicago because you all know my songs" before the crowd erupted into a chant to the opening lyrics of "Mass Text Booty Call". The highlight of the performance had to have been her spontaneous decision to perform the viral song that put her on the map, "Orions Belt", with help from an audience member. To end the 45-minute dance party, Kitty performed "Miss You", her most popular track to date. 

Kitty and Ricky Eat Acid can be found on Twitter at @kittyaveli & @rickyeatacid.


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